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In the following I will present the problems in coeducational schools for boys, and will examine if single-sex schooling is the answer to their problems.

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In other words, boys study harder to impress and outsmart girls and vice-versa.Are boys and girls distracted by one another in school?Are boys embarrassed to ask a question or do well in school when girls are present in their classrooms?This is important so that the sexes won’t have problems in marriage or work in the future.It is also claimed that boys in co-ed schools might study harder in order to look good During children’s formative years, it’s important that they share their different outlooks on life in constructive ways and school is the perfect venue for doing so.Co-education is the education of boys and girls at the same institution.There has been a lot of debate on the subject of co-education with orthodox members of society raising objections about girls and boys being free with each other and growing up together in school. First of all, a common school for boys and girls reduces the burden on the government to provide the state with more schools.TASK 2: ARGUMENT ESSAYS – 3 MODELS Single-Sex or Co-Ed Schools: Boys and girls should be educated together Model 1:______Balanced argument_______________________________________________ Most schools are single-sex in the UAE.Have you ever wondered whether these types of schools are really advantageous for students?Finally, co-ed schools are undeniably progressive and modern.One could even say that single-sex schools are a throwback to the society of the past where, historically, only men were allowed any kind of education.


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