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Main Components of CBT There appears to be agreement within research and theorists that CBT has the following key components: case formulation, collaborative empirical knowledge base and therapeutic alliance (Beck, 1983, Persons, 2008).

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Exaggerated early error-detection processes have been incriminated in the etiology and maintenance of major depressive disorder and thus such processes may recruit excessive neural and cognitive resources that manifest as symptoms of depression (Chiu and Deldin, 2007).

Sudies have shown that 40-50% of the risk for depression is genetic (Nestler et al, 2002).

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Tere may also be a component of glucocorticoid resistance related in part to impaired functioning of the glucocorticoid receptor, wich, i turn, my contribute to excessive as well as hyperactivity of corticotropin releasing hormone and sympathetic nervous system pathways, wich are known to contribute to a variety of diseases as well as behavioral alterations.

Te glucocorticoid receptor function impairment may be secondary to chronic exposure to inflammatory cytokines as may occur during chronic medical illness or chronic stress (Pace et al, 2007).I prolonged conditions of stress, te levels of glucocorticoids are elevated for a long time and may damage hippocampal neurons especially the CA3 pyramidal neurons (Nestler et al, 2002).Tis reduces the inhibitory control of hippocampus on the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal axis leading to further increase in glucocorticoid levels and further hippocampus damage.The CBT model is similar to person-centred counselling in the way it does not put an emphasis on unconscious processes but works with what is conscious (Medcof & Roth, 1979) and Watson argued that actual, observable behaviour rather than unconscious processes should be focused on because this can be measured and controlled (Mc Leod, 1998).However the Person-centred and Psychodynamic model disagree with the assumption that thinking is central.I feel IAPT training is potentially exposing vulnerable people to harm, because of the brief IAPT training that does not focus on the quality of the relationship, awareness of the counsellor, and the lack of knowledge that some CBT and primary well-being practitioners have about counselling and psychotherapy.I hope that this essay will offer me the chance to explore my assumptions about CBT and thus influence my practise and views.I has been proposed that certain chemical imbalances in the brain cause clinical symptoms in MDD.Tese imbalances are said to occur in certain neurotransmitters like serotonin and noradrenaline.,sex, fod, scial interactions) and recurrent thoughts of death and suicide MDD is a debilitating and complex psychiatric disorder that involves multiple neural circuits and genetic and non-genetic risk factors (Sahay et al, 2007).Wether environmental factors or genetic factors play a major role in the pathogenesis of MDD is still debated.


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