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If l dare to make it public, it is because I am per­suaded that I have surpassed myself in the project which I shall discuss. With the range of your intelligence and the sublime nature of your Genius, you have defined the shape of the earth; I have conceived the idea of enveloping you with your discovery.

We shall see what study and the perseverance of a man who loves his profession can do.

The arrangement of the planets corresponds to nature.

These planets are in the shape of and resemble funnel-like openings which transpierce the vaulting and once inside assume their form.

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Essay Art Boullee

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It would be impossi­ble to depict in a painting the azure of a clear night sky with no cloud, its colour scarcely distinguishable for it lacks any nuance, any graduation, the brilliant light of the stars stan­ding out garishly, brilliantly from its darkened tone.

In order to obtain the natural tone and effect which are possible in this monument it was necessary to have recourse to all the magic of art and to paint with nature, i.e.

Corners lightly bumped; minor fading to spine and edges of unclipped dust jacket.

When I had completed this project, I must confess that I experienced a certain dissatisfaction that made me want to include inside the tomb ideas that I thought it would be im­possible to include, because I could scarcely glimpse how it could be possible.


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