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Creon’s hubris has not let him effectively deal with his conflicts.Creon goes through all the phases of a tragic character.Creon is stubborn and reluctant to back down from his laws.

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By the end of the play Creon’s hubris, or excessive pride, has taken over him, which leads to his demise. The character then goes through a peripetia, which is an ironic twist where the character realizes that things will not turn out the way he expected.

He does not realize how bad his hubris has interfered with his dealing of problems until Teiresias’s prophecy. Finally, the character has an anagnorisis, which is their epiphany that makes them realize their hamartia and see their place in the universe. He is stubborn and his pride is so great, he can not bring himself to acknowledge that he could ever wrong.

When Teiresias tries to make his sacrifice it won’t burn and the birds are fighting, which isn’t a good sign.

This means that the gods are angry about something.

However, Creon has the responsibility of being loyal to the people of Thebes.

Therefore, both Antigone and Creon have been loyal to whom they have wanted to be loyal to; this is why both are equally correct. Antigone was loyal to her family and the law of the Gods while Creon was loyal to his people and his word: “And now you can prove what you are: A true sister, or a traitor to your family…” (Prologue).

Finally, Creon has his anagnorisis and realizes that his hubris has brought his downfall.

Yoshiyama English 2; Period 1 30 October 2013 Loyalty or Morals: Which is More Important?

Creon finally realizes that his hubris has not let him effectively deal with his conflicts.

Creon has his epiphany and even says, “I have been rash and foolish.” He finally acknowledges that he has let his pride take over for the worse.


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