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Ordinarily, if I had to be back at a specific time, I would have been antsy and swearing at the traffic when it is out of my control. In this theory, there is a person who represents reason, and two horses.

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When a learner driver in front of you makes you feel impatient, stop and consider the situation from their viewpoint.I believe that all three are involved in be becoming more patient.I have to be able to come up with reasons why I am impatient and reason out the pros and cons of my decisions.According to research, patience protects us against experiencing negative emotions and enhances our happiness.When we practice patience we feel more satisfied with our lives, hopeful and enjoy higher levels of self-esteem.Here are some of my favourite patience-practicing matras: let the baby have its bottle; it’s not worth getting annoyed about; zen; this too shall pass.Finally, patience is what you do while you are waiting for the uncomfortable situation to end.Learning patience can not only boost your well-being, but also enhance your self-esteem, hopefulness and keep your blues in check.In our modern world, where we can have most of your needs and wants fulfilled in an instant, patience is a rare virtue.On the other hand, if I have not specific time to be somewhere, then I don’t feel any part of being impatient.For example, when I was coming back to the dorm from my home town, I was in traffic for and hour.


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