Essay About Family History

Essay About Family History-11
What do you envision for your family history project?

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Be sure to include detailed captions for any photos or illustrations that you incorporate.What should they hand in instead, these children without families, or children with broken families, divorced families, or ones who, like me, don’t know half of their ancestors.Should they sit there quietly and get a 0 – and is that fair?Most published genealogies aren't meant to be read. The ones with just names, dates, and places, some of them no more creatively done than printing out computer databases.Keep in mind that no one's family history is compelling and interesting, until you make it compelling and interesting.You could write an interesting paper on how coming from dysfunctional families affects children or adolescents performance in school.You could write a “Dynamics of the mother-daughter family relationship” type of project.Even worse, such assignments make public the child’s lack of a family and create feelings of an unwarranted “uniqueness” in the child, making them feel alone, segregated, and horribly different in a class of their peers, where they should feel comfortable in order to perform well in their academic pursuits.These assignments should be gotten rid of immediately, before another student becomes a loner like me because of created shame associated with a very felt difference from ones schoolmates.Even when your ancestors didn't leave accounts of their daily lives, social histories can help you learn about the experiences of people in a given time and place.Read town and city histories to learn what life was life during certain periods of interest.


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