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Tightening auto emission standards under the Clean Air Act included clamping down on gasoline volatility, improved vapor recovery both in refueling and during driving, tighter controls on cold start emission, on-board engine diagnostics, and reformulation of gasoline to make it and its tailpipe emission less atmospherically reactive (Gushee, 1992).

While news reports focus on the air pollution that vehicles produce, the cars people drive daily on the streets cause pollution in other ways as well.

The goal of electric vehicles is to reduce air emissions associated with typical internal combustion vehicles (ICVs), thereby decreasing the emission of environmentally damaging products such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

Since electric vehicles run on electricity generated from batteries and do not emit air pollutants, these vehicles are termed zero emission vehicles (ZEV).

These include fuel-efficient vehicles that use less oil; cleaner fuels that produce fewer emissions; and electric cars and trucks that can entirely remove tailpipe emissions. Vehicle emission standards have helped cut pollution from cars and trucks by about 90 percent since 1998, with further improvements coming from the Tier 3 standards.

Future emissions reductions from trucks and other freight sources are essential for meeting air quality standards and protecting the health of those who live and work close to ports, rail yards, and freight corridors.Particulate matter is singlehandedly responsible for up to 30,000 premature deaths each year.Passenger vehicles are a major pollution contributor, producing significant amounts of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and other pollution.Because motor oil and water do not mix, the oil takes a long time to disappear.As seen in massive tanker spills, oil can harm plants, kill animals and adhere to any substance it touches.The health risks of air pollution are extremely serious.Poor air quality increases respiratory ailments like asthma and bronchitis, heightens the risk of life-threatening conditions like cancer, and burdens our health care system with substantial medical costs.Learn more: protect consumers, the climate, and our environment from the growing costs and risks of our oil use —but not without you.Your generous support helps develop science-based solutions for a healthy, safe, and sustainable future.With all of this taken into account, air pollution can be blamed for the destruction of plants, trees and animals.The realization that air pollution must and can be reduced prompted the formation of the Clean Air Act in 1970.


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