English Grammar Assignments

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(For example, .) The rest of the class will have to guess.

When they guess the words, let the next student try.

Autoenglish has a great gap-fill worksheet on adverbs of degree that can help them practice.

At the top, there’s a short section explaining how to create phrases with words such as .

To set it up, have two different containers, each filled with pieces of paper.

In the first one, write a verb on each piece of paper. Ask a student to come to the front of the class, pick a word from each container and act them out at the same time.In order for yours to be effective, you’ll have to avoid the most common pitfalls.The first is cramming too much text onto one sheet.Once you’ve used the worksheet to elicit all the words for different family members, have students use this model to draw their own family trees.Then, they can ask each other some basic questions in pairs, such as: Have them repeat these steps for each family member. Worksheets provide extra tips, help students practice and allow you to check what they know.The quality of a worksheet can make or break a lesson.You don’t have to sift through countless websites to find the right ready-made ones for you, either.Here are some of the best ESL grammar worksheets online, along with a few lesson planning ideas to go with them. Not only do students have to memorize their meanings and how to convert them into adverbs, but they also have to learn which ones are gradable, which ones are ungradable and which ones can be both.Whether you’re trying to help your students by giving them as much information as possible or just trying to save paper, you’re making things more difficult in the process.The same goes for adding crazy borders, word art and unnecessary pictures that crowd the page.


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