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Reading through the play, one gets to understand how hard it is for people who have compromised their principles to be confronted by someone who has not.The use of the styles of characterization, irony, and symbolism help the author to show the reader ways in which a person can be disliked by the very same society he is doing his best to help. Stockmann, the main character of the play is a popular practicing medical doctor as well as the medical officer of a small coastal town in Norway.I was there for about 3 enjoyable hours, and during the whole time, I was watched amazedly at the whole event happening around me.

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Proctor deals with this guilt from it being invisible to others at first; we see anger; bewilderment that his guilt could have this impact on others.

He is so tormented that this does ultimately have an effect on his physical appearance, by the end of the play he appears to be a beaten man, he could not live with the further burden of guilt that he’d carry from signing a false confession, so he chooses to die.

As the play progresses, images of dirty water are used as a symbolic representation of moral and societal corruption.

According to Roshwald, there is the physical filth, as well as moral pollution, and one can see the biological poison as a representation of the moral corruption in the society (229).


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