Empathy Essay Based On Situation

Most of the time, Compassionate Empathy is the ideal.Cognitive Empathy may be fitting for political or monetary negotiations or surgeon’s offices; Emotional Empathy may be the first response in children and for our loved ones; Compassionate Empathy strikes a powerful balance of the two.

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You’ve probably heard of the term “empath,” meaning a person with the ability to fully take on the emotional and mental state of another.

The quote that comes to mind is: “I have a lot of feelings.”.

Feelings of the heart and thoughts of the brain are not opposites. Compassionate Empathy honors that natural connection by considering both the felt senses and intellectual situation of another person. Without either becoming overwhelmed by sadness or trying to fix things with logistics, compassion brings a mindful touch to tough situations.

Compassionate Empathy is taking the middle ground and using your emotional intelligence to correctly respond to the situation. When I think of empathy I often think of a teeter-totter.

Cognitive, Emotional and Compassionate empathy all manifest in different ways.

Reflecting on your own experiences at home, at the office, or with friends and family, it probably won’t take long for you to notice the different types in your own life.There are plentiful examples on TV, in politics and in pop culture to draw from too.Cognitive Empathy is about thought as much as emotion.It is defined by knowing, understanding, or comprehending on an intellectual level.As most of us know, to understand sadness is not the same thing as feeling sad.Connecting with another human in this way is intimate and can form a strong bond.“One downside of emotional empathy occurs when people lack the ability to manage their own distressing emotions,” writes Goldman.“[This] can be seen in the psychological exhaustion that leads to burnout.” Feeling too much can make even small interactions overwhelming.It’s a lack of empathy which makes someone capable of attacking or oppressing other people.A lack of empathy for another tribe or country makes warfare and conflict possible.A lack of empathy towards other ethnic groups, social classes or castes makes oppression and inequality possible. Empathy is the ability to ‘feel with’ another person, to identity with them and sense what they’re experiencing.It’s sometimes seen as the ability to ‘read’ other people’s emotions, or the ability to imagine what they’re feeling, by ‘putting yourself in their shoes.’ In other words, empathy is seen as a cognitive ability, along the same lines as the ability to imagine future scenarios or to solve problems based on previous experience. It’s the ability to make a psychic and emotional connection with another person, to actually enter into their mind-space.


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