Effects Of Cellphones On Society Essay

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In a study conducted at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, researchers examined if there is a direct link between the psychosocial aspects of cell phone use and mental health symptoms in young adults.

The participants of the study included 20 to 24 year olds who responded to a questionnaire, in addition to a one-year follow-up.

In the second study, researchers included 34 different pairs of strangers who were asked to discuss trivial topics while others were asked to discuss significant events that occurred in their life.

Half of the participants chatted with a mobile device while with the stranger and the other half had a notebook.

Mobile phones use transmitting radio waves through a series of base stations where radiofrequency waves are electromagnetic fields that cannot break chemical bonds or cause ionization in the human body, says the World Health Organization (WHO).

Although cellphones are considered to be low-powered radiofrequency transmitters, your handset transmits power when it is on, and therefore it is important to increase your distance from the handset to reduce radiofrequency exposure.

In two studies conducted at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom, researchers studied the effects of a mobile device during a nose-to-nose conversation.

In the first study, 37 pairs of strangers were asked to spend 10 minutes talking to each other about an interesting event that happened in their lives within the past month.

Fecal matter can easily be transferred by cell phones from one person to another.

Cell phones require constant use of your hands, especially when sending text messages and e-mails.


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