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) Izel Mehmet English Language A2Coursework – Task 2 – 2,224 words Bibliography CGP – A2-Level English Language; The Revision Guide Angelfire ...

If English is not your native language, you may need specialized English coursework in order to achieve your academic and professional goals. We offer every level of English instruction and will prepare you for your future.

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Earn the BSEd in Secondary Education: English Education and develop the skills to teach students how to produce and interpret literary and non-literary writing.Throughout every letter, regardless of gender, there are two common features in termsof semantic field: longing and pain ...For example, in Sources A and B of the 1500s, both writers use terms such as “want”“desire” “hope” “begging” and “crave”, which all show significantly strong feelings ...Izel Mehmet English Language A2Coursework – Task 2 – 2,224 words Conclusion There is much to be said about the findings of my investigation ...The evidence I have produced has found that there are quite a few differencesbetween the genders however not much change throughout time despite the dramaticchanges in society since the 16th century ...However, this ‘special’ language differs across the genders ...Interestingly, it seems that women are more reserved in their love letters and therecould be a number of reasons for this ...Moreover, they were notavailable for each century and so it would have been difficult to gain any conclusiveevidence from such a small sample ...I also think that I could have used more data because one letter per century is not fullyrepresentative of that time period, a lot can happen in one year let alone 100 and so Ifeel I need more than one source per gender for each century however for aninvestigation as small as this, so much data would be difficult to condense ...It seems however, that as of the 1700s, female writersdrop the use of a To A completely except for the occasional use of the recipient’sname, as seen in Source H ...Nevertheless, this is not to say that the lack of To A and particularly terms ofendearment shows the recipient a ‘cold shoulder’ or denies intimacy between writerand recipient ...


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