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Try using the Pomodoro Technique if you need help with your productivity. Stay focused: Writing your first e Book can be a challenge.

While having a writing schedule can help, staying focused will help keep you on track for creating a publishing process that will help you work towards your publishing date.

You can also offer your files in multiple different file types, so customers can choose what they prefer.

On Selz, buyers can choose to ‘Send to Kindle’, so consider offering both MOBI and PDF to your buyers for an easy buying experience.

Not only do e Books and publishing a book in the ebook format help you ramp up your authority and influence, but they can also create the beginning of what could become a strong passive income stream with book sales.

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So, whether you want to leave your 9-5 or simply know how to monetize your website with digital products on the side, e Book publishing and selling as part of your strategy can be a smart way to leverage your knowledge, time and energy.Tara Gentile does this beautifully by offering MOBI, EPUB, PDFs, and an MP3 to her customers.Use conversion tools to transform your e Book from PDF to other file types with Kit PDF or Calibre.If it’s not going to move you closer to that goal, then it’s time to consider other monetization efforts. Set an e Book publishing goal: Whether you write a 10,000 or 100,000 word e Book, set a reasonable publishing goal to keep yourself focused and productive every day.Is there a specific date you want to publish your e Book by? Create a book title for your e Book: A clear title is essential.Refer to your e Book publishing process, objective and goal(s) whenever you feel lost. Edit your e Book: Once you’ve finished your e Book draft, it’s time to edit.You can either edit your work yourself or you can hire out a copyeditor through Upwork, Elance, or Fiverr.Design your e Book cover using Canva and their free stock images.Or you can find free images at sites like Unsplash and Pexels, which provide royalty-free stock images for commercial use. Sell your e Book direct: Using Selz makes selling your first e Book super simple.Although you may be tempted to stand out with a unique cover design, communicating your e Book’s subject can be done with a thoughtful cover photo and font that matches your niche.While you can design your own, hiring a designer is always an option.


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