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Even if you cannot preview the results online, you will get the page number, which you can use to check that quote in your hard copy instead of scanning the whole book. Use Google again Use Google to do the same thing with any books or articles not available to "look inside" on Amazon. If that fails, try adding "PDF" to your search of the work's title. Check the index For any books or articles with no good results in any online search, use the index.

Again, the central goal here is to avoid wasting time reading irrelevant stuff. Create a sources document Whenever you find a relevant passage in a book, mark it in your physical copy with a Post-it note.

In later philosophy classes, I wrote about other thinkers' conceptions of justice.

Then, in my last philosophy course, my paper compared justice in the works of four philosophers from Plato to present. Most humanities and social sciences degrees require a final project to graduate, and that will be easier if you've spent four years honing your expertise in a few specific areas within your discipline instead of writing scattershot on whatever strikes your fancy. Go to the library Like, the actual, physical library.

So, for example, one paper I wrote was about Justin Martyr, an early theologian, and inclusivism, a doctrine about who gets into heaven. Fire up Amazon Assuming you have secondary sources (basically any other book), search for them on Amazon.

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I googled "Justin Martyr inclusivism" and was immediately presented with blog posts directing me to relevant portions of his work — even though he never used the word "inclusivism" — as well as online versions of his writings where I could copy and paste potentially useful text instead of having to transcribe it. Many will let you "look inside." Use the search function to find mentions of terms key to your topic.

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Put in your footnotes as you go and sort your quotes into topical categories. Sort your sources Your research document has all your footnoted quotes and facts sorted by topic.

When you've done this for all your sources, you will have a file with every quote and fact you need to reference in your paper. Make an outline Take the assignment you were given and the knowledge you've picked up during your research and create a comprehensive outline of your paper. Your outline should be at least a page long for every eight double-spaced pages you plan to write. Now, take those items and drop them into the relevant portions of your outline. Every time you need a quote or reference, it will already be at hand with a pre-made citation. For total time, from research to final edits, anticipate about one hour (two on the far outside) per double-spaced page for A-level work.


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