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It was the hot topic at Duke, one of the most prestigious American colleges, which is an expensive private academy with a predominantly white student population located in the North Carolina town of Durham.The student newspaper ran an editorial earlier this week simply headlined: "Karen Owen shatters the glass ceiling", in which they condemn her stating: "She actually managed to demean the opposite sex to the point where one must ask if the term 'weaker sex' shouldn’t be replaced with 'freakier sex'." The electronic “thesis”, compiled from her three years at Duke, was then published by several websites before going viral and becoming one of the most searched terms on the internet.

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Eugene Washington, chancellor for health affairs, to oversee the changes.Others were also implicated in the lawsuit, including two of Potts-Kants’ supervisors: William Foster, ex-professor of medicine, and Monica Kraft, former division chief of the pulmonary division.The two supervisors were accused of negligence and ignoring warnings of misconduct.The National Institutes of Health implemented additional regulations for Duke researchers in April 2018, requiring those applying for grants for less than 0,000 per year to provide a detailed budget of their proposed costs.The email went on to outline steps Duke has taken to promote scientific integrity.That person apparently felt no compunction about sharing it more widely.'Thirteen Shades of Duke' quickly went viral; the detailed presentation was posted on the Gawker websites of Deadspin and Jezebel, initially with the names of the athletes un-redacted. Two years later, the presentation continues to haunt its subjects."To be clear: fraudulent and unethical behavior violates the fundamental values of our academic community and must be addressed," Price wrote."However, we know that it does not reflect the vast majority of our students, faculty, staff, and trainees.Thomas alleged Potts-Kant falsified data in research on mice’s lungs.From these data, labs at the University were able to secure additional federal funding, calling roughly 0 million in grants into question.


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