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If you plan to attend graduate school at the master's or doctoral level, then you may have come across the terms thesis and dissertation on various school websites that outline the program requirements.Nearly all graduate-level programs in the United States require completion of a final thesis or dissertation, but some schools differ in their interpretation of this final project.In order to get your degree, you'll have to get a passing grade on your project.

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Both of these research projects typically conclude with an oral defense in which faculty members ask questions about the research and final paper.

A dissertation defense can last several hours whereas a thesis defense may last only an hour.

The length and structure of a thesis and dissertation vary according to program; however, most theses are significantly shorter than dissertations.

Students seeking a master's degree usually complete a thesis project in one full semester during which this is the only course they take.

While they are similar in some ways, there are a few differences that set them apart from one another.

Before researching the difference between a thesis and dissertation, you should understand that they are very similar.You should also note a major cultural difference when it comes to final research projects.In the United States, the word "thesis" represents a paper that reflects a student's ideas supported by thorough research.Length and structure also depend on the field of study.Science majors write less because they conduct more hands-on experiments; students in humanities and liberal arts programs write longer papers with more in-depth analysis.There are some reported issues for students trying to download using Internet Explorer.The download links are shown below: Windows PC: The combined these La Te X template materials are provided for the convenience of those who are already proficient in the use of La Te X.Used to gauge comprehension and the ability to argue effectively, a thesis or dissertation represents a student's understanding within her field of study.The following article will help you identify the differences between these two research documents.Regardless of how schools use the terms thesis and dissertation, the purpose remains the same for both projects: Master's level theses and doctoral dissertations require extensive research in order to prove that students have retained sufficient knowledge about their field.Theses typically require less external research because the project reflects a student's own ideas and conclusions.


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