Dissertation Request Letter

Therefore, you must assume that any material you find is copyrighted, unless you have evidence otherwise.This is the case whether you find the instrument openly on the web, in a library database, or reproduced in a journal article.

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If you are only using a limited portion of the instrument, your use may be covered under the Fair Use Doctrine.

See more the University of Minnesota’s Thinking Through Fair Use tool at https://umn.edu/copyright/fairthoughts.

Do not use all caps on text page): If only part of the chapter is from a copyrighted source, the note may be worded to reflect the fact.

For example: “Part of the data reported in this chapter is reprinted with permission...” or “Part of this chapter is reprinted with permission...” If parts of the published article appear in several chapters, the footnote will appear at the bottom of the first page of each chapter in which the material appears.

Do not use terms unless you are sure that you will be understood. However, committee members may appreciate such a courtesy in case you have written about a difficult issue.

If you want to use surveys, questionnaires, interview questions, tests, measures, or other instruments created by other people, you are required to locate and follow usage permissions.

The wording of the note is sometimes given in the letter from the publisher granting permission to reprint.

If so, follow it exactly, filling in the particulars.

Please supply a signed letter granting me permission to use the work.

A lot of people find it difficult to compose a letter to the dissertation committee.


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