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In today’s highly globalized, extremely dynamic and incredibly rapid-moving world, there is an abundance of diversity of products in virtually all market segments, and the automobile industry marks an overload of manufacturers and models exploiting every possible market niche in order to accommodate effectively all the possible needs of potential customers.The time-tested synergy of technology, mechanics and craftsmanship now offer us inexhaustible variations of products with remarkable capabilities in different shapes and sizes, ranging from budget prices of approximately ten thousand euro, all the way up to over one and a half million.

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A large number of other brands offer vehicles with matching, if not superior blends of mechanical durability and technological refinement while also being able to exhibit rivaling history, however they are still unable to match the stature of the German trio.

The logical assumption is that the reasons for the dominance of Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz is based on the key resources and capabilities they possess that cannot be mimicked, utilized or implemented by any other manufacturer.

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Asparuh Karastoyanov The goal of this paper is to understand the structure, significance and implications of brand images of the three largest German automobile manufacturer’s in the premium market segment – Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz - as well as to form conclusions that would outline the effect of these images on consumer behavior in Bulgaria.

This study hypothesizes that they key strength behind the success of Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz lies in their brand images, and that the value of those images is the most influential factor in swaying the customer’s buying behavior in favor of the three marques.

Brand image is one of the most important concepts in this literature review, as it is one of the focal points of this dissertation.

Even though a large number of patents and intellectual property protection measures are taken to ensure that the technology developed by individual car companies, it is unlikely that any mechanical or tangible aspect of their vehicles is the aforementioned resource or competence.

For that reason, this study will follow the supposition that the three brands’ soft skills, namely their brand images, are in fact the inimitable resource that the German trio possesses and grants them market segment dominance.


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