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If you are reading this, it is safe to assume that you are somewhere in the process of contributing a body of original knowledge to your academic field. It is further safe to assume that if you are at this stage of an academic career then you have already mastered the fundamentals of academic work. But before we go into the mental mind sets that make for a strong (and completed) dissertation, we have some practical advice.

More than likely this will be the first extended piece of writing you will have done.

It helps to think of the academic papers written up to this point as 5k or 10k trainers for that 42k marathon that you are about to do.

You can pour over the old and the new of your field and string paragraphs together to create intelligent, breath-taking papers of dazzling brilliance. It is highly unlikely that you cannot, at this stage, read, write, and do research. It's a much longer game than you have probably ever played before. Umberto Eco’s 'How to Write a Thesis' (MIT Press, 2015).

All the advice you have ever been given is likely good advice. Some people criticise that some of Eco’s advice is dated (because he talks of index cards and typewriters).

You can also find helpful information on our website if you are looking for the best ideas for dissertation topics, dissertation advice, thesis writing help, or thesis writing tips. Here we tried to give you some tips for dissertation writing and we hope that these tips will help you to accomplish a high-level paper if you were stuck or confused.

Also, we have some special offers for those who are looking for a reliable essay writing service. Writing a dissertation has always been a difficult task and most agree with that.You need to approach it very thoughtfully, as a dissertation helps to define not only your academic but also your future success.One of the biggest issues you will have to address is cohesion.How do you write five to ten chapters on a single subject?Consider the following foolishness: there are perhaps dozens of various writing programs available.A curious young student uses MS Word but then a friend raves about about this great program called Mellel, which is excellent for handling long documents.But then they move on to to Scrivner (which really is the best for first drafts). They keep moving around from one programme to the next, looking for the greatest experience in productivity. Would it not have been more effective to have elected one programme and used that? The point is this: you have a very limited amount of time in which to complete your dissertation and you cannot waste any of it.Be committed to a process and do not give into the many gadgets and temptations.One of the fundamental rules of running a marathon is this: don’t do anything different on race day.Whatever methods you have found to be most successful, whatever has worked for you to get you to this point, continue to use it.


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