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If you have further questions on Fair Use parameters, Creative Commons licenses, copyrights and permissions, please feel free to contact the Office of the General Counsel, visit the General Counsel website, or consult the Pro Quest publication .Why do I have to agree to The [email protected] Submission Copyright Statement, and what does it say?It is important that you discuss any such considerations with your major professor, department chair or school dean prior to your deposit with Pro Quest and [email protected]

You set the embargo period, which may be 1 year, 2 years or 5 years.

Pro Quest offers these same embargo periods (though not the 5-year option) for dissertations submitted to their database. There are several reasons why you would consider an embargo.

One is to protect your ability to publish your work; see the following question for more on this.

Other reasons would be to satisfy requirements for review of grant-sponsored research, to protect data being utilized by a team of researchers of which you are a part, or to protect your ability to apply for a patent based on your research.

Who can access [email protected] to search for and download my dissertation?

What can users of [email protected] do with the content that I have submitted?

Remember, just as your copyright will be protected through public access, potential copyright violations are more apparent because of the higher visibility of the dissertation and the wider audience that it will reach.

May I include copyrighted material in the version of my dissertation that I upload to Pro Quest and [email protected]?

If you are in doubt about the future publication of your dissertation, you may want to consider an embargo period, during which your dissertation is saved in Pro Quest or [email protected] but not available for public view.

An embargo may be used to balance publishers’ interests in being the first to publish scholarly books or articles, while also ensuring that scholarship is accessible to the general public within a reasonable period of time.


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