Dialectic Essay

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Remember, you are not trying to discredit the premise of the thesis statement.

Rather, you are demonstrating critical thinking, allowing that the case at hand may be interpreted in a variety of ways.

A person with Aspergers may become emotionally mature at the age of ten, and there are plenty of people who are emotionally immature up into their sixties.

There are some people who appreciate love the first time they have it, whether they are in their teens or not, and there are people who never truly understand the meaning of love and that may be due to their first experience (or lack of), or they may even have come from a very unloving family.

It actually agrees with the idea that emotional maturity within younger people is less likely.

A teenager may grow into a person who is emotionally mature, but an emotionally mature older person is not going to grow into a love struck teenager.

Being able to argue for and against a particular vantage, with equal clarity and conviction is a valuable skill.

Nothing will better equip you to defend a position than being able to mount a persuasive case that position.

The third paragraph should respond to the counterclaim made in the second.

This should in some way resolve the ambiguity introduced by the counterclaim.


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