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The first step in writing a research proposal is to develop a hypothesis or thesis.

The first step in writing a research proposal is to develop a hypothesis or thesis.

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The objectives of the research proposal are to help the researcher to define the contents and to plan and execute a research project, and to inform potential collaborators and supporters about the topic.

The proposal that is produced during the process can be submitted to agencies for possible funding.

The title should:» title of the research project;» name of the principal researcher;» date of submission of the research proposal (month and year);» name and address of the institution of the principal researcher;» telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address of the principal researcher.

The curriculum vitae of the principal researcher should be included in the appendix of the research proposal.

SHARP (a Structured, Holistic Approach for a Research Proposal) is a structured method for developing a research proposal that can be used either by individuals or by teams of researchers.

The eight steps in SHARP are (1) setting up a causal model, (2) establishing a fact-hypothesis matrix (Fa HM), (3) developing a variable-indicator-method matrix (VIM), (4) selecting the study design, (5) defining the sampling procedure and calculating the sample size, (6) selecting the statistical methods, (7) considering the ethical aspects, and (8) setting up an operational plan.For your proposal to be approved, you must articulate how and why it is warranted and beneficial.A solid thesis or hypothesis illuminates a specific point of inquiry and states a general claim, to be investigated through the research you propose.introduction to the research topic, formulation of the problem, and justification for its selection;2. Title page The purpose of the title page is to present a concise statement of the subject of the research and to identify the responsible researchers.The title page is the “main gate” of the research proposal, which invites the reader to enter the research proposal.Therefore, a structured method has been developed as an orientation tool to help guide young researchers into scientific research. The objectives of these guidelines for the development of a research proposal are to:» improve, standardize, and maintain research quality and performance;» stimulate the orientation and training of scientific personnel;» facilitate comparisons among research projects;» facilitate the development of proposals that can be submitted to agencies for research funding.Furthermore, the method has also been found useful for the development of research proposals by a team. Define the sampling procedure and calculate the sample size;6. The target group of the guidelines is primarily students, but the guidelines will also be useful to senior researchers who guide and coach students or who plan to carry out their own research projects in the field of nutrition.Table of contents The table of contents outlines the structure of the research proposal. The headings and subheadings are structured and numbered, and the appropriate page numbers appear at the right-hand margin.The headings of the table of contents are identical to those in the body of the report.A research proposal for a graduate course on British Modernism, for example, might seek to investigate the role of women in wartime literature, with the claim that women portray their bodies in autobiographic war literature in a way that contradicts Edwardian notions of femaleness.The point of the research would then be to investigate and uncover instances of this and, ultimately, to draw a well-supported, meaningful conclusion based on the findings.


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