Determinism Essay

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Although biologists believe that only biological processes influence behaviours, there are various flaws in this perspective.

Biologists tend to ignore cognitive behaviours exhibited by individuals in their theory of biological determinism.

Charles Darwin proposed heritable characteristics are determined through natural selection.

Darwin was of the opinion that an individual would inherit the optimal characteristics that would ensure his survival or have a reproductive advantage.Biologists, when referring to different behaviours and roles of individual in the society, agree that a set of predetermined biological process determine these behaviours.Therefore, people think and act in different manner because they have different development in their brains (Velden, 2010).The Y chromosome in men leads to production of testosterone and other male hormones.Therefore, the male brain develops differently from that of a woman due to the difference in genetic material in the sexes.However, sociologists have strongly criticized the biological determinism theory because it does not take into account the environmental factors that affect behaviour (Banyard and Grayson, 2000).This article aims to discuss the concept of biological determinism and the opinion of sociologists on this concept.The external environment contributes greatly to the behaviour of a person in the society.In fact, according to sociologist the surrounding environment solely regulates behaviour.It is the opinion of most sociologist that it is irrational to consider social classification as a genetic factor.This is because human from different divides and social backgrounds have been known to interact and live in similar classes.


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