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Protests would continue a while but after 5 minutes most would fall silent and surrender.

After my first year of teaching my behaviour management improved and once I wasn’t scared to give out detentions I perversely found that I needed to give them out a lot less.

It’s amazing what confidence in your sanction system does for pupil compliance to your rules.

Without careful planning detention can turn out worse for the teacher, than it can for the kids. How could I use detentions effectively so that they didn’t end with more tears?

First – I became fanatical about my detention appointment systems.

I always told students to expect to see a detention slip turn up the next day but I’m certain they didn’t believe me.

It took a while some nights to fill them sll in but I never failed on it.I always make pupils sign their papers and agree to what their future solution will be.Being able to get out those papers if there is ever another detention is VERY helpful for parent’s evening or if you have to make referrals.If students started talking to each other when I was reading a response or writing my comments I would stop what I was doing and wait.Not wanting the process to slow down they would soon be quiet and we could continue.If this was becoming the case I would simply point out that they would have to do another detention until it was done.With a flounce and a huff they would inevitably start.Secondly, students lied a lot less about what had happened because their words were being put down on paper.And thirdly, being able to write views meant students couldn’t ‘switch’ off, and I think they appreciated that I took the time to explain how I felt and what I had seen in the class rather than yelling at them.Obviously it didn’t work overnight for everyone, some kids found their way into detentions more than once in a row, some sporadically popped up over the years.But when you hear a kid say “Don’t do that or she’ll make you write from that book thing” then you know that the behaviour work is now being done for you and you can worry almost exclusively about the learning.


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