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Firstly, to determine the degree to which these traits are present to an individual, a self-evaluation of personality is carried out.To make the assessment more objective, observer ratings should also be included (Colbert, Judge, Choi and Wang, 2012).See Writing a list of references for more information on the reference list.

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Writers are responsible for making their line of argument clear and presenting it in an orderly fashion so that the reader can follow. The purpose of the essay is to explain the differences between them.

Each paragraph discusses one major point and each paragraph should lead directly to the next. The question may be of the form: Compare questions usually present you with two or more terms, instruments, concepts or procedures that are closely connected, and sometimes confused.

According to the trait theory of leadership, some people are better suited to leadership because they are born with particular qualities and characteristics.

This theory is likely to have stemmed from the work of Galton (1869) who argued that the qualities necessary for effective leadership are naturally endowed, and therefore only passed on through genetics.

The title page should contain information to enable your lecturer and departmental office or other reader to identify exactly what the piece of work is. Perhaps the essay title will begin with something like: In this type of essay the examiner is giving you a statement. If so, describe how far you agree, and your points of agreement and disagreement.

It should include your name and course; the title of the assignment and any references; the lecturer it is for etc. English essays are linear: - they start at the beginning and finish at the end, with every part contributing to the main line of argument, without digressions or repetition. Words used in the question are: Contrast or distinguish between questions usually present you with two or more terms, instruments, concepts or procedures that are closely connected, and sometimes confused.Although it is unlikely that genetic factors alone influence leadership ability, this theory is nonetheless a useful tool for predicting whether someone will emerge to be a leader, and how effective their leadership will be (Judge, Bono, Ilies, and Gerhardt, 2002).While application of the theory is useful for assessing the relationship between personality and leadership, it does have limitations.The paragraphs are tied together with an introduction and a conclusion. When we are asked to describe or explain causes, factors, functions or results, the examiner wants us to group our facts. The purpose of the essay is to explain the similarities between them.The main text of the essay has three main parts: The main body consists of one or more paragraphs of ideas and arguments. Similar causes are put together, for instance the economic causes of a situation. The degree to which these five factors are present in an individual can be used to predict whether someone will emerge to be a leader, and how effective their leadership will be (Judge, Bono, Ilies, and Gerhardt, 2002).The trait theory of leadership indicates that some people are better suited to leadership because they are born with particular personality traits.The aim of the essay should be deduced strictly from the wording of the title or question (See Academic Writing: Understanding the Question), and needs to be defined at the beginning.The purpose of an essay is for you to say something for yourself using the ideas of the subject, for you to present ideas you have learned in your own way. then it is clear that a balanced essay is required.The emphasis should be on working with other people's ideas, rather than reproducing their words, but your own voice should show clearly. That is to say you should present both sides of an argument, without necessarily committing yourself to any points of view, which should always be based on evidence, until the final paragraph.The ideas and people that you refer to need to made explicit by a system of referencing. v), "students are reading to create a text of their own, trying to integrate information from sources with ideas of their own, and attempting to do so under the guidance of a purpose." Your essay should have the following sections: Before you start the main part of your essay or assignment, there should be a title page. At its simplest your essay plan will be as follows: This second type of argumentative essay involves stating your own point of view immediately, and trying to convince the reader by reasoned argument that you are right. Are there some areas where you disagree with the statement.


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