Describing Winter Essay

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Along with winter comes Christmas, the best holiday of all.

At my house my family gets together laughing and opening gifts.

Most schools take breaks during this period, whilst business in offices slows and schedules are rearranged according to the whims of the season.

Around this time, the days are short and nights longer, this usually reverse slowly as the season progresses.

On some particularly severe occasions, snow and strong winds has blocked roads and grounded flights, even frozen rivers for days, week and months.

People clothe themselves in thick apparels during winter to ward off the cold and keep their bodies warm, over the year’s winter clothing has evolved, today styles and designs are incorporated into them, far from the tattered animal skin that early man in these areas used to protect himself from the same grim weather.Others go into hibernation, a state resembling sleep where the animal remains inactive, usually housed in a shell, remaining so until summer arrives.Some animals profusely gather and store food, in preparation for winter months when the sources are dead and gathering impossible.In winter affected areas of the world, several outdoor and sporting activities have been designed to take advantage of the weather and give the people a chance to exercise and bring themselves some joy.These activities, taken as tradition and practiced at every winter (some depending on the ice level) includes; curling, ice skating, ice racing, ice sculpture, ice hockey, ice fishing, ice climbing, ice boating and more.The urge to make a snowball is overpowering and I can’t help but to pick one up and start the fight.I throw myself to the ground and start making a......I come from a very large, loud, entertaining group of people that I love with all of my heart.The laughter that fills the house brings joy and peace.The sun comes out very late on winter mornings and when it does is not hot.People rarely come outdoors until daylight; most sit indoors by the fireside in the mornings and evenings.


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