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None of this would be possible without the generosity of these sponsors, who have contributed tuition waivers to this year's program: Email us for information on becoming a tuition waiver sponsor.Chef Jean-Louis Palladin is considered one of the culinary geniuses of the 20th century.

Candidates for the ten (10) National Scholarships are selected according to academic merit, as well as personal and professional recommendations.

To ensure regional diversity of this national program, one awardee will be selected from each of the ten geographic regions defined by the James Beard Foundation Awards.

Each year JBF offers three basic types of Awards: International students may qualify for many, but not all, of our scholarships, and are encouraged to apply.

Additionally, JBF's National Scholars Program, which launched in 2016, provides ten high-impact scholarships of $20,000 each to food-focused candidates of exceptional talent.

The James Beard Foundation is also proud to announce its new Women's Leadership Programs, which are committed to advancing women in the culinary industry.

These programs are open to women with at least two year's of professional experience. JBF tuition waiver sponsors give the invaluable gift of education to aspiring culinarians around the country.Created to perpetuate the mission and programs of the Jean-Louis Palladin Foundation, the initiative will provide a series of annual grants of up to ,000 to working chefs.This grant will allow recipients to spend time learning from and working with master growers, producers, and food artisans; to toil alongside renowned chefs in America and abroad; and to study varied specialized skills.For a complete list of resources, visit our Scholarship Resources. Please request more information through the form on this page. ICC Firefighter and Police Officer Scholarships To honor firefighters and police officers who are currently serving or have served within the past five years, as well as their children, ICC awards Culinary and Pastry Arts scholarships on an ongoing basis.To apply for the Firefighter and Police Officer Scholarship, students need to be enrolled in a Professional Culinary Arts or Professional Pastry Arts program, submit a completed FAFSA form, and a 500-word essay describing passion and future goals.At International Culinary Center, we seek out scholarships to our professional programs because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to achieve his or her goals.Friends of The ICC Scholarship This scholarship awards two students with ,000.This scholarship—issued in the name of the alumnus–awards students with a ,000 scholarship for professional culinary training.To apply for the Alumni Mentor Scholarship, students must submit a 500-word essay describing their passion and goals for enrolling in the Professional Culinary Arts or Professional Pastry Arts career programs as well as the words of recommendation from an ICC alumni.


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