Creative Writing Tips For Beginners

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Here’s an example: John locked the door before opening the letter. ” The word “door” appears four times in that paragraph, and there’s a danger of it having a slightly comic effect.

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In your early months (or even years) as a writer, these eight tips should help you on your way When you’re just starting out, you might not know you want to write – you just want to write!

Or, you might have a firm idea of the type of writing you’d like to do (maybe you want to be a novelist or a poet, for instance).

When you’re just getting started, you might feel excited but also a little daunted – where should you begin? The great thing about writing is that whatever stage you’re at, you can keep growing your skills and honing your craft.

This applies whether you’re a total beginner or a best-selling author: there’s always something new to learn or try.

While I’m a huge fan of words, and love the sound of some more unusual ones ( is one of my favourites! I think that as a writer, it’s normally best to keep things simple.

Creative Writing Tips For Beginners

Even if, in school, you got extra marks for showing off your impressive vocabulary, readers frankly don’t care!

So don’t get too caught up in reading: make sure you’re also setting aside time to try out writing exercises, or to develop your own ideas.

If you’ve never written much before, launching straight into a novel probably won’t work: either you’ll run out of steam within a few chapters, or you’ll keep writing but you’ll end up with a story that needs an awful lot of work to make it publishable.

but do make sure you’re allowing yourself time to write on a regular basis.

If weeks go by without you writing anything, you’ll inevitably lose momentum.


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