Creative Writing Career

Novelists either write their own manuscripts in hopes of getting signed by a publisher, or they’re commissioned to write a novel by a publishing house.

Dream of writing the next big TV show or Hollywood blockbuster?

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There are many who work as freelance journalists while there are others who are lucky to work full time (or part time) for a magazine or newspaper.

Got a knack of putting your thoughts and emotions into eloquent words?

If you decide to develop your own script from scratch, know that it takes a lot of energy and dedication to get it read.

Screenwriters must have their networking up to par, and once they get their piece accepted, they need to be prepared for a lot of criticism – the movie/TV industry can be tough!

Working from home on your money-making blog and writing what you love about on a daily basis never sounded more appealing, right?

If you haven’t started yet, consider starting your blog on a platform like Word Press, Wix or Blogger.


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