Consumerism And Materialism Essays

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This essay will qualify the aforementioned working thesis by considering all the facts and arguments presented in these two articles.

To a great extent, the claim in the working thesis can be viewed as a logical one and there is evidence all around us that validates and supports it.

Instead, the continued thriving of consumerism is due to our own innate needs, desires and aspirations.

The article by Randall Patterson titled ‘Profiles in Splurging’ complements Twitchell’s core thesis.The rest will save until they can afford the device; however, some months down the line, when they are almost achieving this end, a new more expensive model is unveiled and quickly grabbed by the rich as the rest are left in second place as always.This cycle of changing trends and fashions is what ultimately drives consumerism and manipulates many Americans to keep buying items not for the items own sake but to enhance their identity.A look at the social stratification will confirm that the more one owns the higher they are to climb the ladder of status and prestige.For instance, I imagine the guards in an exclusive hotel are more likely to open the gate for an expensive looking top of the range car than they are for a homeless man or generally disheveled individual.It is based on an aspiration for vague attainments such as ‘status’.Most would argue that growing consumerism has increased the health and stability of the global economy.The most direct route to that is to buy and flaunt.It is as if most Americans would pick money over happiness if they had a chance.All that counts are the possessions he has accumulated.Thus the rest of America works tirelessly to acquire as much as they can and often forgetting to enjoy them since their primary goal is to be viewed as successful in their circles.


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