Companies That Pay For Do My Reports

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Federal law mandates that everyone has the right to one free credit report from each of the big three credit-reporting companies – Equifax, Experian and Trans Union – every 12 months.

To obtain a copy, consumers have to apply through Annual Credit, the official credit-report site.

“The loser in the equation was that bank that was charging too much.” Credit Karma is an online personal-finance platform that promises to take the guesswork out of credit.

It allows you to monitor your credit reports and scores for free and offers other tools and services based on your profile.

Utilities logged an effective tax rate of just 3.1 percent over the eight-year period.

Industrial machinery, telecommunications and oil, gas and pipeline companies paid roughly 11.5 percent. In just two sectors — health care and retail — companies paid more than 30 percent of their profits in federal income tax.“One of the things that jumps out pretty starkly is there’s a real gap between the tax rates paid by different industries,” said Matthew Gardner, a senior fellow at the institute and a co-author of the study.

Credit Karma gets paid for this lead generation based on agreements with its financial advertising partners.

By accessing your credit reports, Credit Karma suggests credit products based on your current history.

But now, Credit Karma, a San Francisco–based company founded in 2007, has shaken things up by offering free, ongoing access to your credit scores and reports from Trans Union and Equifax.

You sign up with and do not have to register a credit card as is often the case with other sites.


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