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After the big book was finished the teacher discussed the story with the children and they co Fred & George: A Short Character Analysis Right, so first off I'm a big fan of the twins: both twins, not just Fred. Keep in mind this is just my own opinion based on what I've read in books 1-7.

I've always appreciated both as separate characters and I've never really understood how so many people never picked up on their differences. In the first place it's important to know and understand the twins' differences, especially if you're writing a story that puts particular focus on them.

However, the already set identity prevails, until David can experience life at the more difficult end of the scale. Kossew, S 2003, ‘ The Politics of Shame and Redemption in J. Coetzee’s Disgrace’, Research in African Literatures, vol.32, no.2, pp.155-162. The resources used for this activity included a big book of Mem Fox’s ‘ Possum Magic’ and the white board.

Coetzee’s Disgrace examines the impact and effect that social and political agendas have in the formation of personal identity. Before the reading began the teacher introduced the book and asked the children to make predictions about what would happen in the book.

Although he acknowledges his actions as questionable, he does not regard himself as having abused her, rather as having made a mistake.

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His idea of the severity of Lucy’s rape is far more profound.David’s taking advantage of Melanie may be regarded as a result of prejudiced politics as well as discriminatory social values.Although the novel is set in post- Apartheid South Africa, David has grown up with Apartheid political influence. Coetzee’s Disgrace shows how personal identity is grounded in the social and the political.Coetzee’s Disgrace (1999), through the novel’s protagonist David Lurie, explores the effect that social and political conventions have in creating the foundation of personal identity. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your visiting. Discuss this statement with reference to how social and political change impact on David Lurie’s identity.As Stratton points out, ‘the primary determinate for David’s identity is his sexuality’ (2002, p.83).This is made clear in the first chapters of the novel, when the reader is informed of David’s Tuesday afternoon visits to Soraya, the prostitute (1999, p.1), and when he takes advantage of his student, Melanie (p.16 & p.24).True, Lucy’s rape has a greater level of ‘excessiveness and apparent gratuitousness to violence’ (Stratton 2002, p.86), and Lucy is his daughter; but Melanie was traumatised at his hands, and he seems not to have any problem living with that.It is evident that the Apartheid political ideologies played a hand in the formation of David’s identity, this is illuminated in his opinion that his conduct towards Melanie was acceptable, when he wouldn’t accept culpability for his actions at his hearing (p.52-56), also in his discomfort at Lucy accepting a marriage of convenience to Petrus (p.204) and her keeping the rape baby, yes, this concern is largely for Lucy’s happiness and safety, there is also a hint of discontent at allowing her to blend with the ‘other’, the racial political element of David’s identity holds him back from being able to fully support his daughter.


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