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This has not been attempted as far as I know - please let me know if any of these numbers are off.

NQ Tinker's Calm provides Careful Desynthesis 3 (HQ Tinker's Calm provides 4) and lasts 10 minutes.

They both stack for a total of 6, which translates into a 15% desynth success rate.

The difference between your desynthesis skill level and the item's "rlvl" determine how much experience a successful desynthesis will give you . You could get 0.30 from an item one time, and then try again without leveling up and get 0.70 from the same item at the same level.

Generally speaking, the less of a chance you have at succeeding, the more experience you will get if you do.

Generally, recipes are designed to be made by crafters whose job level is the same as the clvl.

The Recipe Level (rlvl, or r#) is a hidden value that tells you how hard an item is to desynth and how much experience you'll gain from the desynth.When you get close to the 100% mark, you will start getting no experience some of the time, and 0.01 experience some of the time.Average d Skill experience gained for successful desynths of items r41 (highly estimated): While under the combined cap of 560.00, you do not lose desynth skill points from successful desynths.Currently, as of patch 2.5, there are only two items in the game that provide Careful Desynthesis: Bacon Broth (a meal, 4* CUL) and Tinker's Calm (a medicine, 4* ALC).NQ Bacon Broth provides Careful Desynthesis 1 (HQ Bacon Broth provides 2) and lasts 30 minutes.I have set up a spreadsheet to track items obtained by desynthing.This database is meant primarily for new (3.0) desynthable items, but earlier items can be added. To search for items to break down, use one of the "Desynth Item Lookup" tabs (there are multiple so multiple people can search at once).To determine an item's rlvl (the level used for desynthing purposes), see the following chart:(Or, even simpler: each d Skill point gives 1.5% until 30%, then 2% until 70%, then 1.5% again) Each materia melded to an item increases the chance of successfully desynthing that item 5%.Patch 2.4 introduced "Careful Desynthesis." Every point of Careful Desynthesis increases your desynth success rates by a flat 2.5%.For many items from c1-c49, the clvl/rlvl is 1-5 higher or lower than the ilvl or jlvl of the item.For fish, I'm going to mark them with a fifth "Fish Level" (flvl or f#, followed by 0 or more *s).


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