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Many writers restate their thesis statement/hypothesis in the concluding section of their papers but few choose to delay revealing their central claim until after they have argued in favor of it You can learn to write better thesis statements by practicing with specific forms, where a premise (“If term limits were adopted in today…”) precedes a conclusion (“we would lose valuable legislative experience.”).A good thesis statement gives you room to develop your ideas as you wish, but within the boundaries imposed by your knowledge, time, and page limits.

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Generally, an argumentative thesis claim should be debatable.

Only then your readers will have an interest and a reason to read your thesis.

Now that you have thought ahead about your evidence, can you refine your thesis statement to focus on a particular problem and context?

(This is where the originality of your claim comes in.) Neither neo-protectionism nor post-industrial theory explains the downswing of the Canadian furniture industry in 1988-1994.

Instead, a narrow thesis statement is focused and fits the size and scope of your paper.

Claim Statement Thesis

When everything in your paper is selected to support or explore your thesis statement, then you are enjoying the benefits of a good thesis statement.

This can be considered as a basic definition of claim.

It’s a starting point of a thesis and is very important as it gives readers the reason to think critically about it.

It might be helpful to remember that a thesis statement takes a ‘point of view’ which the paper develops so that the reader can decide for himself on the issue.

Every argumentative thesis will have a thesis statement that clears the stand of that thesis by providing the main idea or argument, and thus it can be called as a claim.


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