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When Lady Catherine objects to this marriage, as Bennets have low connections and their marriage would ruin Darcy’s position before his friends and society, Elizabeth attempts to defend her family background by asserting: Trofimov and Lopakhin exchange barbed words, and Lopakhin calls Trofimov an “eternal student.” When Lopakhin asks Trofimov’s views about him, Trofimov replies that he considers Lopakhin as “a soon-to-be-millionaire,” and “a beast of prey.” Then, Gayev points towards the conversation about pride the two men had earlier.Trofimov asserts with reasoning about the folly of their pride, as man is a “pretty poor physiological specimen,” they are in misery, and “the only thing to do is work.” Although, he was pessimistic about the current situation of humans, however, he starts feeling optimistic for their future.

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Squealer asserts, saying:“It’s no longer needed, comrade …

In Beasts of England we expressed our longing for a better society in days to come. Clearly this song has no longer any purpose.”Look at his language where he gives them information that is obvious, which they have realized already, and no one can make arguments against it. Elizabeth conceals her surprise at the news of Darcy’s plan to marry her.

Is this the sort of issue in which a significant number of authorities are likely to agree on?

Locating a principle that is widely regarded as valid and showing that a situation exists in which this principle applies. Does it accurately apply to the situation in question? Are there "rival" principles that lead to a different claim?

evidence: facts, statistics, reports, or physical proof, source credibility: authorities, experts, celebrity endorsers, a close friend, or someone's say-so analysis and reasoning: reasons may be offered as proof Warrants/General Strategies of Argument Warrants are chains of reasoning that connect the claim and evidence/reason.

A warrant is the principle, provision or chain of reasoning that connects the grounds/reason to the claim.

It has proved to be one of the best approaches for writers to express their personal feelings, beliefs, and ideas in a direct way.

By using this technique, writers can defend others’ feelings and rights if violated.

Does person X or text X constitute an authoritative source on the issue in question?

What political, ideological or economic interests does the authority have?


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