Citing References In Scientific Research Papers

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Check with your supervisor which exact technique you should be using, and be consistent.

If you use one style all of the way through, there should be no problem, but mixing the styles makes things unclear to the reader and may well be punished by your supervisor.

Common knowledge in the field is generally fine, too, although you should err on the side of caution.

If you use class notes, some lecturers are not too worried about citations, although it is usually good practice to find a source saying the same information, from a textbook or journal.

It is perfectly acceptable to quote the work of others and, in fact, it is essential that you do so.

Citing References In Scientific Research Papers Research Papers On Network Security

Occasionally, you will use direct quotes from another source, but most of the time you will be paraphrasing the work.

Citations link your reader to the sources that informed your thinking and show that you are participating in a scholarly conversation.

Offering a citation gives your readers and other scholars access to your information sources if they wish to follow-up, or find more information on your topic.

wiki How's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article meets our high quality standards. When writing a paper for a research project, you may need to cite a research paper you used as a reference.

The basic information included in your citation will be the same across all styles.


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