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Of course, the survival instinct isn't the only reason young people cheat.They might cheat because they find a lesson or a course to be meaningless -having no perceived relevance to their lives.

Or go to a chat room and swap papers and projects with students nationwide.Don't let peer pressure and other influences steal your dream.If you are caught, cheating has serious consequences.They might also cheat because they belief something is unfair, so feel justified in cheating.Let's examine each one of these reasons in more detail.As a result, students must take standardized tests so that we can compare one school system to another nationally and at the state level.In the classroom these tests mean that a teacher must achieve the expected results or better, or she will be viewed as ineffective, or worse, incompetent.Perhaps you'd prefer to cheat using texting or email. Sadly, many parents and teachers have not learned the subtleties of electronic cheating Schools need to have zero tolerance policies concerning cheating.Teachers must be vigilant and alert to all the newer forms of cheating, particularly electronic cheating. Encourage creativity and critical thinking as opposed to rote learning.Editor's Note: Gary Niels is Head of Winchester Thurston School in Pittsburgh and the author of a very useful paper on cheating entitled Academic Practices, School Culture and Cheating Behavior. "' Everybody does it.' ' Unrealistic demands for academic achievement by state education boards.' ' Expediency or the easy way out' are some of the reasons students cheat. " The first thing to recognize about cheating is that the vast majority of young people (and adults for that matter) believe that cheating is wrong.Yet, by nearly every poll, most young people cheat at least once in their high school career.


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