Charles Dickens Signalman Essay

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One time after the spectre had appeared the memorable accident happened on the line.

A train collided with another inside the tunnel and literally hours after the crash, the bodies of the dead and injured were being brought over the same spot on which the spectre stood, this leaves us asking the question, “did the spectre cause the crash, or was it warning the signalman that the crash was going to happen?

Dickens uses different and unusual events in the story to create fear and tension.

When the narrator shouts “Halloa, below there”, we expect the signalman to look up and respond, but instead he looks towards the warning light at the mouth of the tunnel.

This can seem strange in some parts but it is used to show that the characters do not want to share their fear, but in most cases we get to find out what is scaring them.

At the end of the story, we find out that the signalman is killed.

We need to ask ourselves “did the spectre cause the crash or was he merely warning us?

Dickens’ uses different adjectives and verbs to make different parts of the story more effective and atmospheric.

When we get to part in the story when a character is asked a question that he doesn’t like or sees something that scares them, they go very quiet and quickly change the subject.

Dickens’ doesn’t make then sound scared or make them look scared just make them feel it inside so it doesn’t seem strange to the other character.


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