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Besides, the fact that Richard chooses to ignore the advice of his dying uncle in act II scene 1 is a sign of his foolishness.

And by the time this scene closes, we have learned of the imminent invasion of England by Bullingbrook’s forces ; a piece of information which, with what we already know about his popularity and Richard’s merited unpopularity with the English commoners, implies already the inevitable outcome : Richard’s deposition and defeat at the hands of Bullingbrook.

In this essay I will show statistics, pros, cons, moral issues, etc about the death penalty.

The word "capitol"; in"capital punishment"; refers to a person's head.

Moreover, Richard has surrounded himself by advisors who only tell him what he wants to hear -such as Bagot, Bushy or Green- what doesn’t help.

And subsequently, he loses the confidence of his people.They were wrongly accused, and that is why I see the death penalty as immoral, unethical and just wrong!People were put to death for no reason; they were accused because there wasn't enough evidence to prove their innocence.My life thou shalt command, but not my shame ”, and to this Richard –still assuming superiority- answers that “Lions make leopards tame”, to what Mowbray will state “Yea, but not change his spots.”, and beat Richard at his own game.And after this, Richard will be incapable of being obeyed by Bullingbrook.Finally, in the last scene of act I, Richard’s callous remarks about Gaunt’s illness indicate his lack of respect for anyone besides himself, including the elders of his own family.This self-centeredness will as well help and lead to his downfall.In Shakespeare’s Richard II, the king Richard’s identity can be characterized by several major subjects.Firstly, at the very beginning of the play, he gives a good image of him and seems sure of himself.Death Penalty One of the most controversial topics in America today is the death penalty.Four thousands of years the death penalty has been used all over the world.


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