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She is an active member of student Learner’s strengths and weaknesses.The student’s main strength is that she is not afraid of speaking and making mistakes.

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In this post, let’s go through the ‘Focus on the Learner’ CELTA Assignment.

I’ve had many questions about this, from people who are preparing for their CELTA or for those who are battling their way through the first few weeks. First, here’s a brief outline of what we’ll talk about in this post.

These are the ones that I know about; as I’ve said before, I’m not a CELTA trainer, but I have done the course and I speak to people about CELTA regularly.

You need to make the student(s) aware that doing the assignment is helping you on your CELTA course, but you also need to show them the benefits of coming for an interview, because if they don’t see any benefit, they’re unlikely to come (bad news for your assignment! Something you can do here is to , so you need to think of it from that perspective.

Christopher Clayton CELTA Assignment 1 ISE Language LTD Centre No.

56108 Assignment 1: Focus on the learner Background For this assignment I chose Fernando; a 25 year old Spanish male from Seville.After all, you will need them to speak so that you can analyse their language!I didn’t know anything about Tigrinya, and there wasn’t really much online about it, bearing in mind that this was in 2007, so there were even fewer websites, so it was really quite hard to find information.Ultimately, I believe this is a problem that will be resolved with experience and practice.uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. Your CELTA trainers can likely tell you which they recommend here.Try to keep interview questions open-ended and avoid asking questions which have just a Yes/No answer. Yes, they could understand both of the above questions, but consider which one is likely to allow the student to talk the most.For example, you could offer some pronunciation advice based on what they say in the interview, or give them photocopies of some relevant worksheets based on what you’ve heard.If you have to interview two learners, it’s going to be slightly different from just working with one, so think carefully about how you will ask the questions and whether it is best to have them there together or at different times.I would like to refer Fernando to “Grammar Practice for Intermediate Students”[3] pp1-3.I would ask Fernando to read the succinct description on pp1-2 for study, and complete the practice exercise on p3. Due to the complex nature of the English article system, I would monitor Fernando for continued errors in this department.


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