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Seeing conventional plans as a straitjacket for residents who craved appropriate working space within their home (be it a sewing studio or a photography darkroom), he aspired to fit this house to the needs of a keen horticulturist. In the imaginary village of the program's many unbuilt homes, next to #6, the Omega house, stands #13, named Alpha.

Archilogic’s 3D model gives us a unique chance to experience this innovative concept home.

The Hoffmans had four children, a household staff, and an art collection.

So this was never going to be just another suburban three-bedroom.

His motivation, however, was more specific than a desire to extend the living area of a small house.

Rather, he wanted to create a highly personal space, geared to the passion of his hypothetical client.Each of Neutra’s projects was designed for a family of five, and each reveals his psychoanalytic approach to architecture, in which the house itself is an intimate part of family relationships, as important as the personalities involved.(Neutra was personally acquainted with Freud, and a committed follower of birth trauma theorist Otto Rank.) Underlining this Freudian view, his imaginary clients are not just neighbours—they are related; Mrs Alpha being sister to Mrs Omega.In 1951, Mies van der Rohe designed the Core House, a participative design structure which could be completed by its inhabitants.This flexible model challenged certain architectural concepts, explored new industrial technologies, and proposed a modular system to improve the quality and affordability of housing.The region with its lush green vegetation invites swimming, barbecuing, horse riding and other such outdoor activities.For those of us that aren’t based out of a university—and even for many who are—finding research resources that cover the topic you're interested in can be a challenge.Neutra employed the same indoor-outdoor philosophy that can be seen at work in his unbuilt Alpha and Omega houses, using large sliding glass doors to create light and a visual sense of space, as well as ensuring that the house physically opened up to, as he put it, “borrow space from the outdoors.” With this sunny Californian ocean-view setting, it made perfect sense to use the back garden and terrace as living and dining room.Case Study program, Whitney Smith, like Richard Neutra, prioritized the connection to outdoor space.Between 19, the Case Study Houses program, following the Weißenhof-siedlung exposition, commissioned a study of economic, easy-to-build houses.The study included the creation of 36 prototypes that were to be built leading up to post-war residential development.


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