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Now, one approach is to focus on an academic experience when being part of a group was essential to your progress.

Or take a different tack and describe some non-academic undertaking when you couldn’t have “gone it alone.” Whichever approach you take, you’ll want to look to the future and show how your experience working with others will guide you as you pursue your main passion at CMU and beyond.

Perhaps you saw a film, heard an expert speak, read a transformative book, or witnessed an event that changed your worldview forever.

Then, consider the key steps you took that drew you further into your..we say, obsession?

Use a parallel narrative arc to achieve these important goals: Write an anecdote about your supportive relatives.

Focus on how they inspired you to pursue different passions and try to explain to admission officers how important the community is to you.

Open your Carnegie Mellon essay this way to lay the foundation for making interesting conclusions and developing a catchy narrative. Show how it drives you to pursue your interests in a specific intellectual area or subject to submit the best essay.

They all can provide interesting materials to open your Carnegie Mellon paper and catch readers’ interest from the very beginning.

Although hopefully your personal statement gives them a glimpse of your personality, here you have the opportunity to show even more of what makes you tick.

You can use these three essays together to tell a sort of story, a story that begins with your pursuit of one of your overarching passions and that leads to...well, acceptance at CMU! ) First, think of one or two pivotal moments that inspired your main academic interest.


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