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Academics, researchers, graduate students, practitioners and policy makers as well as educated lay persons.

Academics, researchers, graduate students, practitioners and policy makers as well as educated lay persons.IJEBR publishes original theoretical, empirical and experimental papers, review papers, case studies, and book reviews; occasionally, it publishes special issues on current fashionable themes in economics and/or business.16 January, 2019A new research paper in the International Journal of Economics and Business Research uses log-linear models to study the correlation between happiness, employment and various demographic factors [...]More details...

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Instead, it publishes papers with local, national, regional and international implications.

IJEBR is sponsored by the The objective of IJEBR is to serve as a generator of ideas that apply to business and economics concerns in today's increasingly interdependent world.

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IJEBR addresses economics/business issues that are clearly applicable to private profit-making entities and/or to public policy institutions.

Vincenzo Alfeo, Aldo Todaro, Giuseppina Migliore, Valeria Borsellino, Emanuele Schimmenti This paper aims to illustrate the organisational and managing models characterising the craft beer producers in Sicily (Southern Italy) and the main issues of the… Pires, Carol Chan The abolishment of the wine tax in Hong Kong has led to increased wine consumption and increased demand for wine-related professionals, such as sommeliers.

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