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People have come to expect extra work, frustration and inconvenience, wasted time, lost productivity and even lost items.A botched relocation doesn’t do anything positive for anyone’s career, either.And of course, while you’re busy manually aggregating all that data, people are changing it. So next time you’re faced with a move, you need to go through the manual process all over again.

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If possible, try to time a move around any critical projects or upcoming deadlines to avoid disruptions. For each business unit, recruit someone from the business (executive assistants are ideal) who can provide you with data, handle tasks related to the relocation, and communicate changes to you when they come up.

That person not only provides the information you need, but can act as a goodwill ambassador to help others feel better about the move.

The “old fashioned way” is doing everything manually: with manual audits, piles of spreadsheets, to-do lists scribbled on white boards and post-it notes, and little to no communication before, during or after the move. The good news is, modernizing your company relocation process can make your move happen faster, more efficiently, and with less anxiety for everyone. Here’s our guidebook to using modern tools and strategies for better results.

As a corporate space planning professional, you know what a struggle it can be to get occupancy data from your business units.

We offer expert pre-planning services to account for each detail of your move.

Utilizing our Start Smart™ program, we offer office moving project management solutions for Fortune 500 companies, as well as small and mid-sized companies.

Here are some tips for building relationships with your business to get the information you need, and to get them what they need. Get them excited (instead of apprehensive) about the company relocation process, by talking up the positives: better facilities, amenities, locations, and opportunities to consolidate the team or sit near a team they work with closely. Ask each team about their plans and business objectives, so you better understand their needs.

Also, you’ll be in the know about any plans for major staff changes that could affect your company relocation plan.

Every office move is fully planned, outlined and prepared for using our four step system that accounts for all variables.

Our four step Start Smart™ process includes: Furniture Services: Office Interior Design The Daryl Flood Relocation & Logistics team provides clients with cost-effective solutions for their office’s interior design requirements.


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