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In order to maintain a strong, globally-recognized brand, Choice Hotels spends over 0 million on marketing and advertising strategies including TV, email, web, mobile, print, and social media.

However, the franchisee must hire a certified general manager at the hotel who has satisfactorily completed all required training.

Joorney Business Plans has extensive experience in creating long-term employee plans and matching the proposed employees’ experience, knowledge, skills, and training to their designated roles.

Joorney Business Plans writers develop a comprehensive marketing and advertising strategies in line with the franchise agreement.

The initial start-up costs for establishing a Choice Hotel franchise business range from $88,100 to $13,200,000. Choice Hotels offers honorably discharged veterans a $1,500 a room incentive not to exceed $125,000 for midscale brands and a $750 per room incentive not to exceed $50,000 for economy brands.

During this period, I noticed the minimal strategic approach in the development of the concept in the preliminary stages and found the need to write the below to assist any other hoteliers or restaurateurs in strategic planning.

For the property that we are consulting for, the F&B layout, design and functionality has come purely from the interior designers that were appointed for the project; which have put together concepts and designs with an approach as to what will possibly look nice in a hotel and not what the market would need or what would be functional for the space.The service and hospitality sectors are one of the fastest growing business sectors nationwide.The business of hotels is growing rapidly with an increasing need and requirement of accommodation facilities.I know these maybe slightly exaggerated, however the point that I am trying to make is that an operational hospitality professional should dictate the menu and concept direction, before a designer is even involved.Taking into consideration some of my previous posts on concept development, the next important piece of information I would like to share is the need of strategic planning, which leads me to writing this post.The menu defines the décor, ambience, pricing, service style and so on.If for example you decide on creating and Italian concept. Is it a Gelataria, Pizzeria, Osteria, Enoteca, Ristorante or a café?Compared to other global hotel brands, Choice Hotels is less rigid in enforcing a specific product and brand look.The company helps franchisees meet the expectations of loyalty members and guests while having flexibility in their hotel to support the business model and market demand.Over 20 million customers book a Choice Hotels brand property every year.Around 99% of the company’s total revenues are generated by asset-light franchise contracts.


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