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With all these upsides, it’s worth taking a look at what, realistically, you need to get a small courier business off the ground, who your best customers are likely to be, and whether or not there’s some kind of horrible catch that can wreck your dreams lying ahead.Business customers can be some of a courier’s best clients.But this option also leaves you with the lowest profit potential and ability to grow the business.

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In more spread-out areas, or for long-distance deliveries to other cities, you need at least a personal car.

Look for the most fuel-efficient model you can get remember, you don’t have to go fast, but you are paying for every litre and make sure you carry insurance, not just personal and liability.

One of the really nice things about running a courier and delivery service is how easy it is to scale up when you’re ready to expand.

When you reach the happy realization that you’re servicing as many addresses as you realistically can in a day, doubling your capacity is as easy as buying a second bicycle or car and hiring somebody reliable.

Start a courier service specialising in envelopes, small packages or large shipments, or combine all package types and sizes to maximise profit potential.

The least expensive way to get started in the courier industry is to subcontract your services to an established courier company, meaning that you supply the transportation and yourself to pickup and deliver parcels.Even if you specialize in low-demand and one-off private customers, you have the advantage of a near-limitless base of potential customers, given that so many people eventually need at least one visit from a courier.If you have an idea who your customers will be, and you’re ready to get going, start by buying all the equipment you’ll need. In cities, as discussed, a bicycle and a backpack may be enough to get off the ground.For some of the lighter stuff, such as paperwork and zip drives, you may not even need a vehicle.In built-up areas, such as urban Toronto or Montreal, addresses are close enough together to make bicycle couriers a viable, zero-gasoline proposition.Teach this person how to build customer relationships, as you have, and you eventually have a manager who can run your second location in another city.From there, expanding into national delivery is only a matter of time.Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete.This document/information does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal or financial advice.These people may be willing to pay you to haul 40 boxes to the post office every few days.Others may be social butterflies who always need invitations and cards hand-delivered to their acquaintances, or they may be hyper-litigious and need a good legal courier to serve papers on everyone they feel needs suing.


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