Business Plan For Agriculture Project

Cost: $400, scholarships are available Instructors: Kevin Cody and Ben Zoba Start by filling out the registration from on Form Assembly here.

​Time: 6pm-9pm ​Location: New Entry Farmer Training Center, 733 Cabot Street, Moraine Farm, Beverly, Mass.

To provide a comprehensive summary, many topics need to be covered.

However, each topic should be covered using only one or two sentences or less.

If you are new to farming, it is recommended that you first take our Explore Farming workshop before registering for this class so that you can best assess what resources you currently have and what resources you will need to start farming before creating a written business plan. Two business partner option: If you would like to bring a business partner to the class, the second person will only have to pay 50% of the registration fee.

This form also includes the optional scholarship application.

The Farm Business Planning course is designed to help you create a written plan to start or expand your farm business. Once we have all required information from you, please allow 10 business days for us to get in touch with you regarding your scholarship acceptance and the discount that we can provide.

If you are interested in growing on our incubator farm, you must have a business plan. You will then be asked to register for the class using Event Brite with a discount code that we will provide for you.

The Executive Summary is different than a traditional summary.

It should cover more than just the high points of the business plan.


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