Boutique Consulting Firm Cover Letter

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We hold the record for placing some of the oldest applicants into Mc Kinsey, BCG and Bain; a 44 years old associate, a 45 years old consultant and a 47 years old principal.

We also placed a mother after 5-yrs of maternity leave into Mc Kinsey, that had also never done before, until we did it and a 44 year old into the Mc Kinsey Implementation Group.

We recommend all case interview clients to start here. Clients who start here perform significantly better.

Follow this unique 110 episode series (see the full list of episodes below), prepared for the Darden EMBA program, to help experienced hires and EMBAs successfully prepare for their Mc Kinsey, BCG and Bain interviews.

Furthermore, a lot of time is spent on how to edit a resume and cover letter. If you are a Ph D a lot of the material will be applicable because in a way Ph Ds are also experienced hires without working experience.

If you have very little time and you just want to focus on the most important things, like what are the most important cases to focus on, what are the most important concepts to focus on because you don’t want to try to memorize everything in your EMBA class, we have designed this program to provide all that material. So this program is tailored for experienced hire/EMBA candidates who have very little time.Lessons from working with those applicants have been built into this program.EMBA classes are not big and therein lies the problem.The issues experienced hires / EMBAs face, as this series shows, are radically different.They are not even close to the issues that MBAs, Ph Ds and undergraduates usually face. The paths/routes to consulting available to EMBAs are substantially greater than that for MBAs, Ph Ds and even undergraduates.This is the only case interview training program in the world dedicated to helping experienced hires / EMBAs, by taking into account their very unique challenges, join elite consulting firms. If you are an experienced hire or an EMBA you usually have to rely on the advice that has been developed for MBAs and sometimes Ph Ds.But as an experienced hire or an EMBA you are typically ignored because that advice is not very useful. Firmsconsulting devotes significant attention and time to experienced hires / EMBAs.We specifically spend a lot of time talking about the nuances of networking within the context of experienced hires / EMBAs.The entire program links all the pieces of work needed to be done to network.They are all viable paths at Mc Kinsey and we want people to be comfortable going after them.We wanted to make it clear that the generalist path is not the only path available anymore.


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