Bloody Mary Research Paper

Sometimes contradictory, these nonetheless offer insights into English society and politics, as well as foreign attitudes toward England and its queen.

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The best general bibliography for Mary and her reign is the Bibliography of British and Irish History.

More detailed accounts of recent bibliography on the subject are to be found in Duncan 2013 and Warnicke 2016.

In England, she has been regarded as bloodthirsty and misanthropic.

Just as she failed to produce an heir from her body, the traditional duty of a queen, so her reign was seen as sterile in political terms.

Consultation of the various calendars of English and foreign State Papers, now available online as well as in print, is essential for all who wish to undertake detailed research into the domestic and foreign policies of Mary’s government, as well as many important aspects of the England of her time, together with Wales and Ireland.

Equally valuable and indeed essential, especially for coverage of Mary’s seizure of the English throne and her earliest days in power, are various contemporary British and foreign chronicles.Now, however, this lack has begun to be remedied in two important collections.Hunt and Whitelock 2010 explicitly compares Mary and Elizabeth as rulers, while Doran and Freeman 2011 analyzes and compares traditional and revisionist approaches to Mary and her reign.Malfatti 1956 provides translations of Spanish and Italian sources concerning Mary’s coronation in 1553 and her marriage in the following year, while the Count of Feria’s vital dispatch from England in Mary’s last days are edited and translated in Rodríguez-Salgado and Adams 1984.Until recently, the lack of major change in historical approaches to Mary meant that edited collections of essays by specialists were not devoted to her.Guaras 1892 provides a Spanish perspective on the same period, while Wingfield 1984 gives an account by an eyewitness, who was a fervent Catholic supporter of Mary, to events in East Anglia in July 1553.Further London-based sources are Machyn 1848 and Wriothesley 1875–1877, which concentrate mainly on events in the capital.Mary’s known personal literary output is very limited, and well presented in Prescott 2003 (cited under Personal Writings), but her governmental activity is thoroughly covered in the various calendars of State papers.There are also chronicles that cover her reign and the period surrounding it.Back in 1940, Prescott 2003 broke with traditional British historiography by researching and stressing Mary’s Spanish background and the Spanish dimension of her reign, though this aspect was not developed further until Edwards 2011 and Edwards 2016.In the meantime, Loades (Loades 1989, Loades 2006, and Loades 2011) has been the leading historian of this queen and her reign, producing a series of biographies, overlapping but also developing in content and approach.


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