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You can determine the exact placement without have to write a single line of code.

In addition to the standard boxes, there are many other function templates that have been developed by members of the Thesis community or professional programmers.2.

This is why Thesis should be differentiated from other platforms as a Word Press framework.

This concept ensures that even a proven Word Press programmer correctly understands how the individual components function and are used only after a certain period of training time – a fact that has already drawn some criticism.

That’s simply not optimal, so as soon as I understood how to build Word Press themes from scratch… But while it yielded designs with much much leaner code, I also had to style common HTML elements again and again. I had expected Chris Pearson’s many idiosyncratic ideas on design and typography, to be built into Thesis 2 in an almost AI manner. A regular Joe or Jane doesn’t know what a Word Press loop is.

While some code can be reused from project to project, it was never consistent, and no two websites are alike. I had at least expected Pearsonifieds Typography Calculator to be automatically applied, yet one still has to tell Thesis 2 the pixel width of the content area. And they’ll never figure out how the templates interact with the Skin CSS, and how the variables and boxes and packages interact. That’s very cool for developers, but a phenomena that developers understand the meaning of.But so can you with Headway – and in a much much easier fashion.Others like Genesis, Headway and Page Lines followed, and innovated on their own. Yes you can do a lot with Thesis: Customize the template of each page, post, heck – even your 404 page. It’s like the work of a mad scientist: From the get go, no.His basic template was quickly accepted, so Pearson was able to pursue consistent work on the theme.With Thesis 2.0 and the available child theme technique, the initially simple template has finally grown into a true kit for the development of versatile website layouts.Site tools An important component of the Thesis framework philosophy is search engine optimization.The parent theme is therefore designed to support your Word Press websites in the fight for the best possible placement on Google and other search engines.Once you’re a bit more familiar with the three features for layout, design, and page management, you’ll quickly recognize the advantages that the strictly separated blocks provide for your web project.1.Boxes Thesis boxes are basically the widgets in the building kit.


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